Nature's Pipes: All Natural Bamboo Smoking Pipes

Welcome!  Nature's Pipes produces high quality, unique and customizable bamboo smoking pipes.  They are all-natural, fire treated, traditional tobacco pipes from East Asia.

With the traditional style, called the Thuốc Lào, the bamboo chute stands horizontal on short feet, holding water in the base to filter the smoke.  The horizontal designs are typically sized between 20 and 26 inches.

We have also modernized the design, standing vertical on a wooden base.  Vertical pipes can be made in a large range of sizes from 10 to 36 inches.  Water is held in the base, and smoke filters from the bowl through the water.

Designs can be simple and elegant, or with an etched decorative pattern featuring dragons, clouds, and East Asian art. It is singed with a burning iron to accent the design. The bamboo pipes are elegant and decorative, yet functional and practical, are lightweight but durable.

The smoking bowls are natural hard wood, coming in a variety of sizes and designs.

Contact Email and Orders

I apologize to customers, but at this time orders are only available in bulk purchases for retailers, with a minimum order of 10.  Please contact for a full catalog of items and prices, or to design custom bamboo pipes tailored for your business.